Jodie Lesh

Chief Transformation Officer

Jodie Lesh leads the Office of Transformation, a newly formed function that focuses on driving, supporting and orchestrating transformative work to provide members and communities with more healthy years. Prior to accepting this position, Jodie was SVP, National Delivery System Strategy, Planning and Design. She headed the national program's delivery system strategy and innovation efforts, including the development and implementation of capital projects in excess of $3 billion per year. Jodie led the Re-Imagining Ambulatory Design effort, which integrated technology and member/community driven preferences into building design (while generating construction cost savings). After co-leading a Community Health Strategy in Southern California, focused on leveraging all aspects of Kaiser Permanente operations to address both clinical care and upstream social determinants of health, Jodie is now a part of the National Program’s Economic Impact Executive Council, that targets implementing human resources, procurement and construction approaches designed to provide enhanced economic vibrancy and income stability in the communities Kaiser Permanente serves.