Frequently Asked Questions

Will my competitors be allowed to join?

As you can see from the website map, HIPS does its best to isolate a single innovator/strategist in a particular market in order to reduce friction and confidentiality concerns. However, in some cases there may be a small amount of crossover in a market that we deal with on a case-by-case basis as it arises. The intention of HIPS is to support a single thought leader in a market for a period of time without illuminating competitive concerns in that market in order to achieve a broad reach.

What will be my time commitment?

Invitees are required to attend the conference in its entirety and participate in periodic contributions to the social media feeds. Some social media contributions will be seen only by the other members of the Council of 33; some will be seen by the general public. HIPS will provide all of the support you need to create an occasional post if you are not technically savvy. These can be as simple or complex as you desire and are not intended to take anything more than a few moments of your time. Involvement should be a relatively small commitment as HIPS leadership understands time is the most difficult thing to spare.

What areas of innovation is HIPS focused on?

HIPS attempts to support evolving innovations in tech, strategic relationships, and operational efficiencies. HIPS is not an organization focused on bio or pharma innovations at this time.

Why is this group so small?

Typical conferences are usually so large and unwieldy that it is difficult to extract what you need from these events. Making contacts amongst similar minded peers makes for valuable connectivity across markets, and provides opportunities for peer induced growth. The smaller size allows for all of these dynamics to play out on a practical and personal level.

When will the new members be announced?

Members will be announced in a rolling fashion. Invitations are generally sent in region-specific waves as we attempt to provide exclusivity in a region. We will continue to announce new members throughout Q1, Q2, and Q3 of 2018.

Can anyone apply or apply for me?

Anyone can apply or have someone apply for them. HIPS recognizes that not all members have the same backgrounds or experiences and we welcome diversity in pathways to leadership, so if you believe you are someone or know someone who should be considered, we absolutely want to hear from you.